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Nadine Schalit – Creator of fantasy accessories for weddings, cocktails and parties since 1996.It is in the family business in Paris, Fried Frères, where pearls and various accessories are integrated into the creation of fashion jewelery and embroidery for fashion and haute couture that Nadine Schalit has developed her artistic taste.

She leaves Paris and settles in Bordeaux to enjoy a natural environment of which her models are the reflection.

Gentleness of lines and poetry characterize the creations of Nadine Schalit who draws her inspirations from Mucha, Gaudi, Klimt, Alexander McQueen, Dolce Gabanna, Valentino, Christian Lacroix and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Japanese painting, the Art Deco style, Art Nouveau, traditional Russian art also nourish its creativity.


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Logo de l'Atelier Nadine Schalit

Logo de l’Atelier Nadine Schalit

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