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Born in 1971 in Russia, she studied at the Mouchina Academy of Plastic Arts, Fashion Department and Textile Design in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad). Arriving in France at the age of 20, she continues fashion design classes at Studio Berçot in Paris. She works for 5 years as a freelance textile designer, specializing in the creation of embroidery and textile textile finishing for Maisons Couture such as Emmanuel Ungaro, Christian Lacroix, Dominique Sirop and the Parisian designers of evening dresses and dresses. Married.

Since 2001, she has an executive production workshop, followed by the creation of collections published under the name ANYA Paris. The original invention of the design textile, as well as the innovative techniques developed and used for manufacturing have converted European textile houses, entrusting the design and manufacture of their collections to Anya Paris. It offers fabrics with artisanal embellishments for sewing and wedding, made in France and on order.

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