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Portrait of Ali Thompson

A tailor-made tailor training led me to make costumes for the Berlin Opera and for cinema (Werner Herzog). Exit from the Berlin University of the Arts with a master’s degree for the presentation of my ” Natural Color ” collection, followed by several years at the ‘Moda e Design Academy’ in Berlin. Since 2008, I run my fashion house under the label “Ali Thompson” where are created in my workshops models Haute Façon made to measure, and where are presented my collections. Master of learning, I trained more than twenty students.City suits maker and dressmaker for wedding dresses and ” Red Carpet ” evening dresses.

My style is defined by the refinement resulting from the craftsmanship of Art, to which is attached the choice of noble materials, silk, lace, linen and embroidery work completes the ennoblement of my creations. Several prestigious awards have rewarded my work: Berlin Young Designer. In 2013 the “Godene Nase” awarded by Presse Mode Berlin. A gold and silver medal in 2012 and 2014 of the Federation of Master Tailors. Selected in the context of the exchanges between the Chambers of the Trades of Paris and Berlin, I participated in the exhibition “Paris Berlin Design and Crafts of Art” organized at the City Hall of Paris in February 2015, in presenting a lace dress.

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Ali Thompson         Nürnbergerstraße 50     10789 Berlin

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