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Claire Sarmadi

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Claire Sarmadi is a great professional arts and crafts. From an early age, she became passionate about sewing.

His taste for fashion, has perpetually allowed him to enrich a know-how in many areas. During her career, she acquired a mastery of tailor-made sewing, fashion design, fabric painting, hand embroidery, lingerie making and many others.

All of her skills have allowed her to receive multiple awards. In 2011, she was rewarded with a Medal of the Best Worker of France received from the hands of the President of the Republic during an official ceremony at the Elysée. “On the occasion of the Competition of the Best Workers of France, I created a dress inspired by Louis XIV’s Costume de Sacre”.

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Claire SARMADI Création Adresse postale,

Siège : 91 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré 75008 Paris

Tél. : +33 6 22 61 78 99

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