Guénaëlle Debarnot

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Portrait of Guenaelle Debarnot

Portrait of Guenaelle Debarnot

Early on, Guénaëlle Debarnot, creator of Etoffes & Silhouettes, is passionate about fashion and wants to make it a priority. Her 5 years of couture studies allow her to get 4 diplomas brilliantly complemented by 15 years of experience in the workshops of the greatest couture designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Chanel. By creating Etoffes & Silhouettes, her objective is to ally style and excellence by perpetuating the work of high fashion, creating unique ,tailored pieces for bridal gowns, evening and cocktail dresses…and their accessories.

Elegance and refinement are Guénaëlle’s priorities. Thanks to her know-how, each creation is tailored with balanced proportions between figure and model with the finest, original materials.

Her inspiration is drawn from listening to her customers, contemporary exhibitions, everyday life, and keeping in mind the legacy of famous designers such as Per Spook, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix.

By coming to Etoffes & Silhouettes, you will be provided with a tailored design that resemble you and will make your special day a moment of pure happiness.

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Etoffes Guénaëlle Debarnot Etoffes et Silhouettes

105, Quai Jules Guesde 94400 Vitry sur Seine – FRANCE

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