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Myryem HERAN was born in Marseille in 1968, her initial training was done in “clothing industry” but she quickly turned to the tailor-made by complementary training in “measurement and creation” applied on a position of costume designer at the Marseille Opera. In 1993 she opened a tailor-made boutique “A l’Aiguille d’Or” in Aix en Provence with a focus on the wedding dress and evening dress.

As part of the promotion of its collections Myryem HERAN organized many fashion shows, including fashion shows in the USA, Monaco, Paris, Switzerland.

Myryem HERAN throughout her career has followed a continuous training in haute couture development. Myryem Heran receives today in his boudoir showroom in Marseille. His famous and refined creations illustrate his high fashion know-how on fresh bustier dresses in pastel colors. She also expresses herself in the creation and manufacture of lady fashion accessories (headdresses, jewelery, stoles).


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66 boulevard Eugène Pierre

13005 Marseille FRANCE

Tel:+33 (0)6 64 99 23 36